PUBG BAN – PUBG MOBILE BANNED by Indian Government along with 118 additional CHINESE Apps

Government of India, today on Wednesday, 2nd September 2020, banned the very popular PUBG MOBILE to protect the integrity and security of India.

Recently, India had banned 59 Chinese Apps including Tiktok after increasing tensions between India and China and … Read more

Logical Puzzle – 8 Coins and a Weighing Scale

logical puzzle 8 coin

One of the most commonly asked logical puzzle in interview of tech giants is the 8 coin and a “2 pan weighing scale” problem. Suppose you are given 8 coins and a 2 pan weighing scale which can compare the … Read more

Solve this viral math problem 3-3×0+3÷3 = ? – Math Puzzles

Viral Math Problem

This viral math problem has stunned the internet. The answer to this maths puzzle is very debatable even among the higher mathematics degree holders. Can you give the correct answer to this easy yet very confusing maths puzzle question? Try Read more