5 Logical Reasoning Puzzles to Test Your Brain

Logical reasoning puzzles are very effective in building your logic and common sense. Not only these help in studies and problem solving, but also help you in general day to day life to make logical decisions and conclusions. That’s why we have listed these 5 interesting logical reasoning puzzles to help you become more smarter and clever.

1. Guess the value – The number puzzle

guess the last number

As it can be seen from the above picture, it is given that 3 = 8, 4 = 19, 5 = 32, 6 = 47, 7 = 66. Then you have to find the value of 8. This is a classic example of a logical puzzle where you need to think deeper to solve this. Try yourself before seeing the answer.

2. The Unknown Light Source – Logical mystery

A person is walking alone on a road. In that area there is no streetlight. The person himself is not carrying any torch or lamp. Also there is no moonlight. While walking, all of a sudden a huge hole dug in the middle of the road comes in front of the man. But still he is able to see that hole and avoids it without falling into it. How?

3. Fill in the blank – NOT so common equation

fill in the blank : logical reasoning puzzle

You are told to fill the blank for the following equation to make it right :

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + __ = 21

Simple isn’t it? But wait, only condition is that you can’t fill 6. What? You think the question is wrong? Nah!! Give it a try then you can check the answer.

4. Find the value of question mark – Diagram puzzle

which number will come at ? logical reasoning puzzles
< style="text-align: justify;"p>The above diagram has 3 triangles and numbers present on their corners. By observing the numbers present in with the three triangles, you have to find what number will come at the place of ? in the 4th triangle.

5. Presence of Mind

A candidate appears in an interview. The interview goes very well and at the end the interviewer tells the candidate that : “This is your last question ,if you can answer it correctly then we will hire you“.

He asks the candidate : Can you place your finger at the center of the table?

The candidate immediately puts his finger at the center. The interviewer asks him : Are you sure that your finger is point at the exact center of the table? The candidate gives him a reply and the next second the interviewer hires him for the job.

Can you tell what what was the candidate’s reply?

How many of the above logical reasoning puzzles were you able to solve correctly? Do tell us in the comment box and share it with others.

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