PUBG BAN – PUBG MOBILE BANNED by Indian Government along with 118 additional CHINESE Apps

Government of India, today on Wednesday, 2nd September 2020, banned the very popular PUBG MOBILE to protect the integrity and security of India.

Recently, India had banned 59 Chinese Apps including Tiktok after increasing tensions between India and China and also due to increasing security concerns.

Not only PUBG MOBILE is banned, but also 118 other CHINESE apps have been banned under the section 69A of IT Act.

Although this move is a very important step towards safeguarding the national security, it remains to be seen how Indian public responds to this decision.

The decision also came as increasing concerns over user and app data being secretly recorded and sent to unreasonable sources. And when the whole world is suffering from coronavirus which, many believes, to have come from China and the ongoing tension between Indian and Chinese army at the border, such step is a milestone towards protecting the integrity of the Indian citizens.

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