Who killed the Best Friend – Detective Riddle

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Another classic detective riddle for you guys to test your logical thinking. This is a story of two best friends : Sam and Jason, who were inseparable. Their friendship was a symbol of true brotherhood.

25 years ago, Sam’s family moved into the town and bought a house. In their neighbor lived Jason with his family. Sam’s mother developed a warm relation with Jason’s mom and the two families almost merged into a single one.

The two families would visit each other’s house frequently, they celebrated festivals and holidays together. This bond brought Sam and John pretty close to each other. They became best friends. Both would play with each other all day, go to school together, sit together in the classroom. Even after they grew up, there was no force that could break them apart.

After the school days ended, they made plans to get admitted to same college and pursue their studies together. But unfortunately both of them couldn’t get the same college and Jason got admitted to a college in different city. Meanwhile, Sam stayed in the city and pursued his college from his hometown.

5 years later, Jason came back to his hometown after completing his studies. He didn’t waste a single minute and quickly went off to Sam’s house to meet him. There was no but the watchman who told Jason that Sam’s family has bought a new house in a different part of the town and sold this house. Jason got the address and left.

Next day when Jason reached at the address, he saw a big luxurious house with luxurious cars parked outside of it. He was totally stunned by the beauty of the house. He knocked on the door and Sam came out. Sam, who saw his best friend Jason after a very long time, hugged him tightly. He was very happy to meet his best friend again. He invited Jason inside his house but Jason refused. Sam said : “No problem, I think you are tired now. I’m having a party on Sunday so you must come”. Jason said okay and then he left.

On Sunday, Jason went on to join the party hosted by his best friend. The inside of the house was no less than a palace. He also saw many famous celebrities have even come to Sam’s party. Jason could now realize that his friend has earned so much wealth that he is no close to him. He got very sad and without even telling Sam, he left the party.

Next morning the Police Station received a call from Jason. He told them that someone has killed his best friend Sam so please come fast. The police reached at the spot and saw Sam’s body was lying down and blood spilled all over the floor. The policeman asked Jason how did he come to know about this. Jason told them that when he went out for jogging, he thought why not meet Sam who’s house lied in that particular street. He knocked on the door twice and thrice but no one opened the door. Then he cleared the dew built up on the window and looked inside and saw Sam’s body lying down. So he pushed the door hard and went inside.

Upon listening to Jason’s story, the policeman immediately understood that Jason was lying and also he is the killer. Can you tell how did the policeman know Jason is the actual killer? Think on your own before seeing the explanation.

Were you able to solve this detective riddle? Do tell us in comments section below and also share it with others.

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