Detective Story based Riddle : Who Killed the Rich Man

who killed the rich man

It’s time to wake up the detective within you and present you with following interesting and suspense driven detective story based riddle to test your IQ. Solving brain teasing detective riddles have always proved to increase mind’s awareness. Let’s dive in with the riddle.

Who killed the rich?

Once upon a time, lived a rich man who was praised for his richness all over the city. A Sunday afternoon, the rich man was found dead in his living room. The police was called immediately to look upon the matter. Upon reaching his house, police asked everyone who were present in the house to gather in front of him.

The 4 persons, namely : the cook, the maid, the gardener and rich man’s wife; who were in the house immediately lined up in front of the police. Everyone was asked to tell what they were doing at the time of his death.

all members
  1. Maid : “I was in the kitchen washing the dishes”.
  2. Gardener : “I was in the garden watering the flowers”.
  3. Cook : “I was cooking breakfast”.
  4. Wife : “I was resting in my bedroom”.

On listening to all the individual statements of every person, the police immediately figured out who has killed the rich man. Can you tell how did the police catch the killer? Think before seeing the explanation.

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Komal Kanwar Korawat
Komal Kanwar Korawat
5 months ago


5 months ago

Cook, because how can he cook breakfast during lunch time.

5 months ago


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