Impossible Riddles – Test Your Mind

impossible riddles

Have you ever stumbled upon some riddles that made you think: “Is it even possible to solve this?” but still went on to solve it after giving a lot of thought ? If yes, then you are again about to have a taste of such impossible riddles to make you think and think and think unless you either give up or conquer it.

We are going to present two such impossible riddles in front of you and even if you fail to answer, just give a deeper thought before looking into the answer. So without wasting any time, let’s start with our first riddle.

1. An Amazing Wish

Thousands of years ago, lived one of the greatest saint of his time who was known for his amazing magical powers. He was so generous that he never stood behind in helping people whenever they needed help from him. Be it for food, money or shelter, he gave away everything that he could to bring smile on people’s face.

But even though he was so helpful, he believed in helping only those people who did hard work. He never gave away anything for free. Even a beggar would have to water the plants at least then the saint would give him food. He wanted people to learn the value of hard work.

One such hard working person was Jack. Jack was a little child when his father sent him to get education from the saint. Jack not only studied in his cottage but also everyday he cleaned saint’s room, watered plants, cleaned the garden, took care of saint just like he would do for his father. He was a very obedient and hard working kid.

Years later, Jack got married and also the saint became old. One day he called Jack and said: “Son, you have been so devoted to me all these years, I want to do something for you”. He asked him to make one wish and he would fulfill it with his magical powers. Jack said : “I need sometime to think about it” and then he left.


Jack gave a lot of thought into what should be a proper wish. Firstly he asked his mother who was blind. She said she has only wish and that is to see Jack’s kid. Secondly he asked his wife and she said she wants a baby boy. At last he went on to ask his father. His father said he wants to become rich.

Listening to the individual wishes of his mother, wife and father, Jack thought of an unique wish that would fulfill each of the wishes of his mother, wife and father.

Can you tell what wish did Jack might have made in front of the Saint that fulfilled the wishes of his parents and wife? Give this impossible riddle a little thought before checking the answer.

Did you guess the correct answer to this nearly impossible riddle? Let’s see another one to test your IQ.

2. Guess the mathematical relationship

math puzzle

In the above image, it is given that :

  • AB = 2 = D/B
  • BC = 6 = R/C and
  • CD = ? = L

Then find the value of ‘?’.

How many of above nearly impossible riddles were you able to solve correctly? Do tell us in the comment box and also share to support us.

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