Easy Card Magic Trick to Impress Anyone

easy card magic trick

Who doesn’t love to show off some skill sets in front of their loved ones or even their colleagues? You go out in public, you meet total strangers, you perform a little trick and boom, suddenly you become the Mr. Intelligent of the group. That’s why he have brought this easy card magic trick to perform in front of people and leave them shocked and amazed.

How Easy is this Magic Trick ?

Well, it’s pretty easy. In fact this is one of the first card tricks that I ever learnt in my life. It is so amazing that I couldn’t resist myself to perform this trick with my friends and family and I was shocked by their reaction. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Let’s divide the trick into two sections :

  • The Trick itself &
  • The Tutorial.


  1. Take a complete deck of cards.
  2. Handover the deck to the spectator and ask him/her to completely shuffle the cards.
  3. Ask the spectator to randomly pick any card.
  4. You turn around and ask them to memorize the card.
  5. After they have memorized it, you turn back and ask them to place the card anywhere around the middle of the deck.
  6. You chant some magical mantras and tell them that you are now gathering the magical powers to predict your card.
  7. Finally you put the deck down on the table and spread them.
  8. All of the cards, except the spectator’s card are facing down and that faces up is the spectator’s card.
  9. Get some coffee and watch them praise you 🙂


Now you must be wondering how can you find that exact card that the spectator chose. Let’s unfold the mystery.

At the very beginning when the spectator chose the card, you turned around so that you could not see the card and spectator could memorize it. At that time, there are 51 cards in your hand and all are facing down. Now you hold the deck in such a way that all the cards face up.

Now here’s the interesting part, from the 51 up-facing cards, you take the top two cards and make them face down so that when you turn around, the spectator has a feeling that the whole deck is facing down. Ask the spectator to place his/her card anywhere in the middle of the deck. Obviously they place the card face down so that you can not see the card. But they don’t realize that now there are three cards which are facing down, one is their card and other two are the top two cards.

Assuming you have performed all the above steps correctly, you can tell them you are turning around again to chant some magical words and predict his/her card. When you turn around again, you take the top two cards and make them face up again. This leaves you with only one card in the whole deck which is facing down and that is the spectator’s card.

The Moment Mystery Unfolds

You turn back and in a flash you spread all the cards on the table. The spectator will see that one card is facing down. He/She turns that card and boom, that is the card.

I am pretty sure this easy card magic trick will make you the star of your group. Go. Run and find someone and leave them stunned with this trick. And if it does work for you, come back and leave a comment. Also do share with, not your family and friends, but some strangers so that we are also in benefit.

IMAGE SOURCE : Designed by Freepik : freepik.com

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