Rishav Raj – “An Amazon Engineer by destiny but a Blogger by choice” is the founder of Puzzles4All.com. His sole purpose behind building this website is to SHARE, SHARE and SHARE.

Sharing is Caring

Says the Greatest Minds

But to stand strong with this quote, one must come forward and transform ideas into reality. And that is what we are here for. Puzzles4All is a little step forward in this direction.

One may ask :

  • Why Puzzles?
  • Why Riddles?
  • Why Brain Teasing Games?
  • How are they gonna help in transforming the community?

The answer to all the “WHY’s” is AWARENESS.

How Puzzles, Riddles and Games Develop Awareness?

The answer :

  • You see a tricky puzzle or riddle
  • You think it’s doable
  • You start to solve it
  • You fail miserably
  • You aren’t able to accept the failure
  • You go back to fundamentals
  • You find the root of the problem
  • You read the problem again
  • You become more aware of what needs to be done
  • You give it another try
  • You either solve it or you learn a new method from the solution

Bottom Line

You learnt something that made you more aware, made you think twice, made you accept failure, taught you not to give up, made you see the bigger picture, and finally made you more SMART.

So what do we have for you to make you SMART?

  • Puzzles
  • Riddles
  • Detective Stories
  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Brain Teasers and last but more importantly
  • A community of SMART people like you to SHARE your knowledge with.