Month: August 2020

impossible riddles

Impossible Riddles – Test Your Mind

Have you ever stumbled upon some riddles that made you think: “Is it even possible to solve this?” but still went on to solve it after giving a lot of thought ? If yes, then you are again about to … Read more

5 Logical Reasoning Puzzles to Test Your Brain

Logical reasoning puzzles are very effective in building your logic and common sense. Not only these help in studies and problem solving, but also help you in general day to day life to make logical decisions and conclusions. That’s why … Read more

easy card magic trick

Easy Card Magic Trick to Impress Anyone

Who doesn’t love to show off some skill sets in front of their loved ones or even their colleagues? You go out in public, you meet total strangers, you perform a little trick and boom, suddenly you become the Mr. Read more

detective riddle

Who killed the Best Friend – Detective Riddle

Another classic detective riddle for you guys to test your logical thinking. This is a story of two best friends : Sam and Jason, who were inseparable. Their friendship was a symbol of true brotherhood.

25 years ago, Sam’s family … Read more

10 best riddles for kids and adults

The 10 Best Riddles for Kids and Adults

Some riddles are quite easy while some are quite tough. But some are really interesting in the way they train your brain to respond quickly. That’s why we have listed these 10 best riddles for kids and adults to try … Read more

Logical Puzzle – 8 Coins and a Weighing Scale

logical puzzle 8 coin

One of the most commonly asked logical puzzle in interview of tech giants is the 8 coin and a “2 pan weighing scale” problem. Suppose you are given 8 coins and a 2 pan weighing scale which can compare the … Read more

who killed the rich man

Detective Story based Riddle : Who Killed the Rich Man

It’s time to wake up the detective within you and present you with following interesting and suspense driven detective story based riddle to test your IQ. Solving brain teasing detective riddles have always proved to increase mind’s awareness. Let’s dive … Read more

High School Maths Viral Problem : 1+2+3+4+… = -1/12

viral high school math problem

Almost all the high school maths students who tried this problem said there has to be some mathematical error associated with the proof of this statement because in no way the sum of positive numbers can turn out to be Read more

Solve this viral math problem 3-3×0+3รท3 = ? – Math Puzzles

Viral Math Problem

This viral math problem has stunned the internet. The answer to this maths puzzle is very debatable even among the higher mathematics degree holders. Can you give the correct answer to this easy yet very confusing maths puzzle question? Try Read more

Tricky Math Problem – How 9 + 5 = 2 ?

9 2 5 math problem

Suppose if we add 9 & 5 and get 2 as the answer then how is it possible? This tricky math problem pushes the reader to think outside the box and lookout for possibilities where certain non obvious problems also … Read more

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