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Solve this viral math problem 3-3×0+3รท3 = ? – Math Puzzles

Viral Math Problem

This viral math problem has stunned the internet. The answer to this maths puzzle is very debatable even among the higher mathematics degree holders. Can you give the correct answer to this easy yet very confusing maths puzzle question? Try Read more

Tricky Math Problem – How 9 + 5 = 2 ?

9 2 5 math problem

Suppose if we add 9 & 5 and get 2 as the answer then how is it possible? This tricky math problem pushes the reader to think outside the box and lookout for possibilities where certain non obvious problems also … Read more

How many triangles do you see? – Math Riddle

how many triangles do you see

Can you tell the number of triangles in this diagram? I created this puzzle on my own to test the concentration level and focus of people. Try yourself before seeing the answer. A fairly easy but illusionary math riddle where Read more

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